Month: June 2018

Last Exit Mad MaX

Last Exit Mad MaX   Good food is not hard to find in Dubai. From the subtle flavours of Emirati dishes and the rich traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine, to the varied flavours brought to the city by its expatriates, the city has a glorious culinary culture. Yet even in the city’s vibrant culinary scene,..


Good taste is not just about food!

Good taste is not just about food! Given Dubai’s rising mercury, it’s perfectly understandable that residents are reluctant to step out much. But, if you do plan on taking a quick nighttime stroll down the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai for a cuppa, you can check out some really cool joints a stunning..


Innovation Center- DP World

  3D PROJECTION, HYDROPONICS AND CLASSROOMS – ON BUILDING THE FIRST INNOVATION SANDBOX!     Inspired by the ethos of the UAE’s Innovation Month, the keen minds at DP World conceptualised the Innovation Sandbox – a space where new, out of the box ideas could be nurtured and showcased, and new technologies explored. And when..

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