It’s basic – so why can’t it be SMART?

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I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling in the past month – mainly up the Himalayas. I know, I know – and you’ve been hearing quite a lot about it! What can I do? I like to talk…

My son came up with this gem last night when I told him that one of us should take a course on social media management: Amma, it’s better you learn. You know why? If I learn, I learn; that’s it. But if you learn, all four of us, plus your friends, neighbours, acquaintances and even the lady who sits next to you in the bus on your way back will learn.

Well, I am a compulsive talker. Some people are, you know.

Coming back, while my pilgrimage to the mountains is one of the most gratifying experiences I have had in my life, it has also made me appreciate the small comforts of life that are often taken for granted. Those little details that become conspicuous only by their absence – like good roads, ATM machines and most importantly, clean, working toilets.