SMART Solutions for Construction Sector

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GCC economy has been on a fast-track for growth for over a decade now. According to reports, the region’s economy is projected to grow by 3.7 per cent in 2016 – this despite shrinking oil prices and other setbacks faced.

Construction has been the single largest sector in the region, contributing to a staggering two-thirds of GCC’s entire GDP. Growth in population has been both the cause and the result of the unprecedented growth that the region is currently witnessing. While better infrastructure and housing options attract investors from across the globe, these very projects also spell an increased demand for labour.

The increased and continual inflow of workforce across different sectors also means that the requirement for accommodation and other facilities is on the rise. Construction companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of looking at options that are not only hygienic, sturdy and reusable, but are also sustainable, resource-efficient and transportable. It is in this context that Cargotecture is being considered as a viable option for labour camps and construction sites.