What makes Cargotecture S.M.A.R.T.?

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Alright. It’s back to used shipping containers, Cargotecture and all things S.M.A.R.T.

As I said, I have a fascination for all things out of the ordinary, and that, precisely is what attracts me to explore container conversion yet again. Yes, there are so many aspects of Cargotecture that I find interesting, but the acronym SMART (coined by Arjun Menon, Managing Director of Smart Box Industries LLC) sums the concept up brilliantly.

S is for Steel: A shipping container is made of Cor-ten steel, a specialised alloy that is 75% stronger than mild steel. Also known as ‘weathering steel’, it has an incredibly low corrosion rate of 1.0mm of surface lost per 100 years to corrosion when unpainted (1.5mm in highly corrosive environments). When coated with epoxy paints, the lifespan is virtually infinite, providing a perfect weather resistant structural surface.

M is for Modular: Modular construction refers to construction methodology where the modules are manufactured and finished (or partially finished) in a factory off-site and then transported to the site and assembled and finished to construct the final construction. Container conversion is mostly completed in the plant itself, and then transported to site for the final assembly, saving considerably on construction time, man power and other resources.