Last Exit Mad MaX

Last Exit Mad MaX   Good food is not hard to find in Dubai. From the subtle flavours of Emirati dishes and the rich traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine, to the varied flavours brought to the city by its expatriates, the city has a glorious culinary culture. Yet even in the city’s vibrant culinary scene,..


Good taste is not just about food!

Good taste is not just about food! Given Dubai’s rising mercury, it’s perfectly understandable that residents are reluctant to step out much. But, if you do plan on taking a quick nighttime stroll down the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai for a cuppa, you can check out some really cool joints a stunning..


Innovation Center- DP World

  3D PROJECTION, HYDROPONICS AND CLASSROOMS – ON BUILDING THE FIRST INNOVATION SANDBOX!     Inspired by the ethos of the UAE’s Innovation Month, the keen minds at DP World conceptualised the Innovation Sandbox – a space where new, out of the box ideas could be nurtured and showcased, and new technologies explored. And when..


Containerised Hydroponic Farming as a way forward

Food shortage is a very real problem that the world is facing today. Dwindling resources such as space and water, unpredictable weather conditions, and the labour-intensive nature of the industry have all contributed to this situation. The need of the hour is for each family/community to be able to grow their own food, in a..


Green, Lean and Containerised Villas for the Future

Cargotecture, as someone reminded us recently, has been around for ages. In fact, at our Smart Box facility in Dubai, we have been upcycling used shipping containers into all kinds of live-work-play spaces for two decades now. From single-unit kiosks to multiple-level cafe and office spaces, we have done it all. And yet, the possibilities..


Last Exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit Al Khawaneej Once again, Smart Box had the privilege of being a part of the super-cool Last Exit project – joining hands with Meraas to build food trucks for Poco Loco, Hot Chix and Jaldi Jaldi. And boy are we excited! Following the roaring success of the themed food-truck-parks in Sheikh Zayed Road..


Containerised Hydroponic Farming

Are Shipping Containers the Future of Urban Farming? All evidence seems to suggest so! Containerised hydroponic farming units are now capable of growing much larger harvests throughout the year using much less.   Hydroponics refers to a technique of growing plants with no soil. Instead, the nutrients and minerals necessary for their growth are dissolved..



To most people in the region, shipping containers are mammoth steel boxes that transport cargo across land, air and sea – and rather imposing on roads. But not to Arjun Menon, Managing Director of Smart Box, Dubai. To him they are SMART boxes – Steel, Modular, Architecturally engineered, Recyclable and Transportable boxes – Lego blocks..

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D3 Pocket Park – Dubai’s gateway to a Smart and Green Future

Driving down the flyover to Dubai Design District (D3), you come across a rather unexpected structure nestled in between the neo-modern architectural wonders typical to Dubai: the D3 Pocket Park. As contemporary as its neighbours, yet standing tall on Arabic architectural sensibilities, the D3 Pocket Park is a sight for sore eyes. Vertically placed 40’..


Smart Box Reveals Cutting Edge Pubic Toilet Concept for Smart Cities at WETEX 2015

Smart ‘Plug & Play’ Toilet Units Are Hygienic, Self Contained and ‘Green’ Smart Box Industries LLC, the region’s premier manufacturer of urban architectural spaces with shipping containers, revealed a first of its kind, cutting edge public toilet unit conceptualised specifically for smart cities, at the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2015. Converted from..

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