UAE office made from shipping containers

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The new regional headquarters of cargo-inspection company Geochem has been built out of 42 shipping containers by Dubai company Smartbox. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National

A building made entirely out of shipping containers might not sound like the most glamorous place to work, but staff at a unique new office will tell you it is certainly one of the coolest.

In fact, the interior of the new regional headquarters of cargo-inspection company Geochem, which is built from 42 shipping containers welded together, is chilled to almost subzero temperatures.

That’s because of to a careful process of insulation and fittings undertaken by Dubai company Smartbox, to convert scores of unlovable corrugated steel boxes into habitable offices and meeting rooms.

“From the outside, you would never know it was made out of shipping containers,” said Arjun Menon, managing director of Smartbox.

“From the inside, you can do anything you would like. If I had the budget, I could make one of our rooms look like the Burj Al Arab.”

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