Container Conversions

Shipping containers are very strong, robust, highly secure and affordable. They are produced in their millions and are designed to carry up to 30 tonnes of cargo whilst stacked 9 high on a ship pitching and rolling at sea. This integral strength, coupled with the fact that they are mass produced means they can be affordably converted to a variety of uses and can provide a solution to various space and storage problems.

Smart Box has many years of experience advising clients on container conversions. We can convert containers for almost any use by joining them together and modifying them by fitting extra doors, windows, insulation, electricity, air-conditioning units, and many other enhancements. We can also alter the height and length as required.

The final converted applications have been used for site accommodation, water treatment plants, portable offices, plant housings, storage units, canteens, music stages, portable classrooms, hospitality suites, modular buildings and ticket booths, the list is truly endless.

The list is continually growing and is only limited by your imagination and budget. Converting containers is environmentally friendly because the containers have fulfilled their primary role of carrying cargo, and are then adapted for a secondary use. By converting them we are recycling them!.

Conversion Examples

  • Portable classrooms
  • Refrigerated units
  • Portable offices
  • Anti-vandal offices
  • Modular buildings
  • Fuel tank
  • Portable buildings
  • Site accommodation
  • Canteen
  • Aviation Tank Container
  • Exhibition module
  • Portable workshops
  • Hospitality suites
  • Mobile toilets
  • Water treatment container
  • Event housing
  • Storage units
  • Generator housing