Heineken Cold Bar- 2010

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Dubai’s unforgiving summers see us all longing for an icebox full of ice cold beers. We did one better and created a giant human-sized fridge. The cherry on top?- It was also a stylish, portable bar- replete with beer taps, a sleek countertops and seating!

The revolutionary technology and ideas incorporated in the creation of Heineken’s Cold Bar should put to bed any doubts about cargo containers’ adaptability to insulation.

All the 4 modules used in Heineken’s G+1 structure were insulated with Rockwool or PU sandwich panels that ensure optimum insulation. The Heineken Cold Bar was also installed with a chiller unit that contributed further to maintaining the internal temperature of the structure at cool ? degrees.

The units were arranged creatively to double the height of the bar’s central area and connect both levels through an internal stairway. The mobile bar’s was carted around to various locations and placed there over a period of time, including Rugby Sevens and Madinat Jumeirah.