Puma Showroom at SOLE DXB

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What’s green, huge and good for both the environment and you?

We’ll give you a hint- its not the jolly green giant.

It’s the Puma Showroom and entertainment lounge that Smart Box manufactured for the recently concluded Sole DXB 2014 event at the Dubai Design District (d3)!

The G+1 structure consisted of 8 x 20 feet containers redone in vibrant green to keep in step with the young and urban spirit of the high-street fashion event both inside and outside. The roomy wood- panelled, minimalistic interiors functioned as retail cum café space while the exteriors of the commissioned-off cargo containers were amped up with a top deck, wood fencing and a massive yet nifty sliding billboard to form a complex multiple module unit with an internal staircase. To convey the ethos of Puma’s Fishtail Rides initiative- fixed gear and single speed bicycle rides to reconnect with the streets of Dubai- we added some personality to the stalls by decorating them with vertically- mounted free-standing cycles.

Puma’s dynamic and offbeat stall is just one of the many we designed for a myriad of participating brands at SOLE DXB. (link to other d3 posts)