Smart Box Cafe Unit- 2011

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What makes it special?

Smart Box won the prestigious GAIA Green Construction award for its innovative eco-friendly construction solution using refurbished shipping containers.

What is it?

A fully functional cafe/restaurant unit created using 3 high, cube, upcyled containers was showcased at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 2011 during the Big 5- the largest international building and construction event in the region.

How was it made?

Two 40 feet containers were placed side by side and one transversely on top at one end, with adequate supports. The top end of the two containers provides an open air decking with removable side rails. The interiors were impeccably designed with proper air-conditioning, sleek interiors and a staircase leading up to an open deck.

Is it spacious enough? After all it’s a cargo container.

A Smart Box Cafe is capable of seating 50 people at a time- that’s more than many regular cafes. The open rooftop seating also lets you make the most of our sunshine city!

What’s more?

The unit can be dismantled and reinstalled in a day’s time… Talk about ease of operations!