Shipping containers are hot ovens and not fit for human habitation

Shipping containers should not be used for housing because they quickly become old and rusty housing

Shipping containers cannot meet conventional housing standards or building codes and therefore should not be considered for use in construction.

Can the product be recycled after its first use? if so how?

Is the product designed for dis-assembly?

What is the period warranty or guarantee?

Does the smart modules meet international building codes?

How much does a smart module cost?

How does smart modules compare with porta-cabins?

Can you undertake installation work including external mep at site

Can you take all requisite approvals from government authorities?

Can you provide plumbing specification in accordance with ipc 2009?

What are the electrical earth provisions in a container?

What is the prevention against electrical shock in a container?

What is the sound insulation in a converted unit?

Can you provide 3m wide containers?

What is the maximum height inside a converted container?

Do 40’ containers have fork lift pockets?

What type of electrical cabling do you use?

What type of plumbing materials do you use?

What are the certifications provided with a converted container?