“Think Inside The Box!”

At Smart Box, we love what we do. Plain and simple. We are privileged to play with real-life LEGO® blocks, but we call them Smart Boxes. We use our boxes to create inspiration and solve problems with our technology. We love challenges, and over the years, we have worked on solving many challenges.

This section is a collection of various projects designed by Smart Box Industries over the years. We hope that you find them inspirational and that we can work with you to make them a reality.

“A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out!”

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Office Concept_003

The concept was created using shipping containers and Smart Blox to create a contemporary office that was to be located in DIFC, Dubai.

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Bus Stop

SMART Bus Stop with Toilet

This was a problem that we identified in the city that we wanted to address. We believe the current bus stops are missing providing the users with a critical missing ingredient, toilets.

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40' Single Hotel room

This concept was for a luxury 320 sqft stand-alone hotel suite with a walk-in wardrobe and a large bathroom with a bathtub. The design with the skylight over the bed provided a source of natural light that would wash the room during the day and a starry sky at night.

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University campus

University Concept

We love large-scale applications with shipping containers and modular construction. In this concept, we explored building an entire university campus out of shipping containers.

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