"SMART" in Smart Box stands for Steel, Modular, Architectural, Recycled and Transportable.

"BOX" in the shipping industry refer to Shipping containers. However, today Smart Box offers two types of steel modular construction solutions which Shipping containers and Smart Blox

Our modular solutions enable us to manufacture a range of solutions to suit any project's needs - from single units to large-scale, multi-container complexes and everything in between.

SMART Construction is modern-day LEGO™. Anything you can imagine can be built as an entirely container-based construction or a hybrid construction with other construction technologies.

What would you like to build today?

Why Our Building Blocks?


All SMART modules are manufactured in an assembly line process under factory conditions. This ensures production speed and guarantees the highest quality standards at every stage.


Fire resistant, Earthquake proof, Termite proof, Mould resistant, Weather resistant, Corrosion resistant


All SMART modules are insulated. The level of insulation used is more significant than that achieved by standard concrete construction. This insulation conserves heat exchange, reducing cooling loads and electrical consumption.


As a Structural Building Block, and factory produced, SMART modules require relatively no foundations and are extremely fast to manufacture. This allows significant savings as opposed to the traditional construction.


The upcycling of these steel modules will lessen the need to mine more materials. Thus, construction utilising used containers is the green choice for environmentally conscious individuals and corporations.


The upcycling of these steel modules will lessen the need to mine more materials. Thus, construction utilising used containers is the green choice for environmentally conscious individuals and corporations.


SMART Modules can be stacked up to a vertical stack load of 192 Tons. Considering an empty 40’HC container is around 5 Tons, this means theoretically, a 38 storey building can be erected without any additional structural support.


SMART modules are made of Corten Steel, which is 40% stronger than mild steel and is virtually anti-corrosive. The structures can last for over 50 years with very low maintenance.


SMART Modules made from USED ISO Shipping containers have been carefully selected under Smart Box selection criteria and modified to meet the design and building codes.


SMART modules are designed for modern day transport and can easily be transported by LAND, SEA or even AIR to virtually any location on earth.


Once the use for the SMART modules is complete, the units can be relocated and the land can be reused without any damage to the site. The units can be relocated, upcycled or if scrapped, the value of steel can be salvaged.


Shipping containers are engineered to carry loads up to 30 tons and can carry a vertical stacked load of 192MT. These modules are designed withstand the environment and to transport cargo safely across the seas and be reused.


Shipping Container

At Smart Box Industries, we convert used shipping containers of the following size

Custom Fabricated Solutions:

For specialised out-of-gauge solutions, Smart Box Industries offers custom fabricated products. Please contact us for further information.

Brand New Containers – 20' & 40':

Additionally, we can provide Brand NEW containers as per client requirements. However, we advise against it due to the substantial cost difference and the fact that it not the Green and environmentally friendly.

20' Standard

40' Standard

40' High Cube

Smart Blox

Smart Blox are the perfect solution for semi-permanent or permanent solutions that require a larger modular footprint. Designed and built from our experience with shipping containers, the steel frame structure is designed to meet the UAE building codes. The lightweight cement sandwich wall panels provide the user with the traditional feel of a solid block wall but with an excellent acoustic insulation, waterproof, fireproof and thermal insulation.

20’SBX - 6m x 3.5m x 3.6m (L x W x H)

40’SBX - 6m x 3.5m x 3.6m (L x W x H)

Custom sizes - build on order

How It Works?





Shipping containers are hot ovens and not fit for human habitation

Shipping containers should not be used for housing because they quickly become old and rusty housing

Shipping containers cannot meet conventional housing standards or building codes and therefore should not be considered for use in construction.

Can the product be recycled after its first use? if so how?

Is the product designed for dis-assembly?