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Featured ProjectIn5 Design
Architect Kenichi Teramoto
Construction Type:
Area size:
1,877 sqm
# Container:
76x 40'HC & 20'HC
Dubai Design District
Solution Type:
Scope of Work:
Turn key Project - Fabrication, structure, transportation, installation and interior fit out

Modern modular technology meets Arabic architectural concepts, the D3 Pocket Park is a sight for sore eyes. Vertically placed 40’ containers form wind towers which punctuate individual clusters housing D3 offices as well as other service and retail spaces.The project spans a footprint of 1,877 square metres (G + 1) and houses galleries, workshops, stores, cafés, multi-purpose facilities, rental spaces, prayer room and restaurants.

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Why did the client choose containers?

The container was the perfect building block to bring the architect's concept into reality. It proved to be an interesting architectural feature for Dubai Design District and the speed of construction was unmatched.

Why we love this project?

D3 has been conceived as a global hub for individuals, organisations and brands engaged in design-related activities, and is a milestone achievement in Dubai’s efforts to build a knowledge and innovation based economy. The purpose-built structure marks a new chapter in the region’s construction through incorporating ‘cargotecture’ into Dubai’s mainstream urban planning and development. We loved the architectural design and worked on this project as the "specialist contractor." This is a high-visibility project in an ideal location. Smart Box had the previlige of working with some amazing partners to bring this project to reality.