Swimming Pool @Smokin Pinapple, Nurai Island

Featured ProjectSwimming Pool @Smokin Pinapple, Nurai Island
Nurai Island
Smart Box
Construction Type:
Area size:
# Container:
Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi
Solution Type:
Swimming pool
Scope of Work:
Design, Manufacture, Transport and Install

Nurai Island Resort wanted to build a swimming pool in their Smokin Pineapple beach resort bar. Their guidelines required that the entire pool be built off-site and installed on-site. To avoid disturbing their guests, the work on-site had to be minimal and fast.

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Why did the client choose containers?

The Smart Box container swimming pool was the ideal solution for meeting the client's needs for offsite production, efficient transportation, and quick installation.

Why we love this project?

This was the first swimming pool built by Smart Box. We found the perfect client and location for the project after pitching the solution. Being on an island and in an elite luxury resort presented an additional challenge, which Smart Box quickly overcame. The client requested some last-minute changes, which the Smart Box team efficiently implemented. The finished product thrilled both the client and Smart Box!