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Cargotecture for Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Season Copy


Posted October 24, 2022

Source: SMART BOX Archieve

Container pop ups being set up on location.

2020 is well underway and there is a buzz in the air. As we look forward to another year of excitement and productivity, this is also a good time to look back on the happenings of the year that’s past.

At SmartBox, one of the major highlights of 2019 was the sprawling, stunning, pop-up that we had built for Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Season. Running from November 22 – December 21, 2019, the Diriyah Season was a fantastic series of international sports, entertainment and cultural events that happened at Diriyah, a UNESCO heritage sight and the birth place of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SmartBox had the opportunity to build a young, vibrant and extremely versatile space out of 70 units of 40ft high cube and 20ft standard containers for the event people behind the month-long Diriyah Season. It was a matter of pride and pleasure for SmartBox that we were a part of an event that brought together sports fanatics, entertainment seekers, foodies and shoppers from across the world. Our containers stood tall and strong, welcoming the multitudes that dropped in to witness the various events including excitements such as Formula E, The Ad’Diriyah Equestrian Festival and ‘Clash on the Dunes’, the first world heavyweight boxing title fight in the Kingdom.

The Diriyah Season was a truly exciting project for us!

Cargotecture remains an unparalleled construction option for pop-up spaces due to their inherent strength, prefabricated body and versatility. Made of Cor-ten steel, one of the toughest materials used in infrastructure construction, they are strong and stable enough to withstand the high number of footfalls that happen during an event such as Diriyah Season. Their unibody structure makes it easy to arrange them in any shape with their strength intact. They can be adapted to suit any design aesthetic, whether contemporary or heritage.

Another great advantage that cargotecture offers is that spaces can be set up and dismantled with ease, and without much impact to the land on which they stand. This means that once the event is over, the structure can be easily disassembled and either put away, or transported to a different location.

Little wonder then that an increasing number of event management companies now approach us for Smart solutions. If you wish to know more about our work, please get in touch with our team.

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