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Last Exit Mad Max


Posted October 24, 2022

Source: SMARTBOX Archieve

Last Exit Mad MaX

Good food is not hard to find in Dubai. From the subtle flavours of Emirati dishes and the rich traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine, to the varied flavours brought to the city by its expatriates, the city has a glorious culinary culture. Yet even in the city’s vibrant culinary scene, there are standouts: brands that offer experiences that go beyond just great food. And this is where SmartBox, with our unique expertise in container conversion, steps in: to provide backdrops that are on par with the quality and variety of food served.

Creating the right setting for Meraas’ Last Exit franchise, for instance, was all about unleashing our imagination. The food trucks that we built merged a carnival themed dining experience with the convenience of a drive through! Initially launched at E11 Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qudra and Al Khawaneej, these trucks come with fully functional kitchens. Meraas’ exacting aesthetic and functional standards made it a challenging yet thoroughly fulfilling experience!

While both those projects look and feel like sets from a Hollywood production, Last Exit Mad Max takes the production value a few notches higher. Inspired by George Miller’s post-apocalyptic cinematic universe, entering Mad Max is like entering another planet. Blurring the lines between restaurant, theme park and fine dining, the desert landscape is littered with war rigs and monster trucks, some of them overrun with sand and sparse desert vegetation. [link to Youtube video] Or better still, experience it live at the foodpark. Whether you crave Indian street food or American fries and hamburgers, you won’t be disappointed.

What is striking about this particular Last Exit is that the builders have not simply taken on the aesthetic of the Mad Max universe, they understand and act by its message: the earth is precious and we must care for it. Using cargotecture to build their food trucks illustrates this ethos as upcycling shipping containers to create habitable spaces is eco-friendly at multiple levels!

Looking to construct something futuristic, but without dystopian consequences? Contact us at and we’ll tell you how to go about it.

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