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PUMA X SoleDXB: Building a Space for the Iconic Streetwear and Music Festival!


Posted October 24, 2022

Source: SMARTBOX Archieve

PUMA Pavillion X Soled DB Event

SoleDXB is something we eagerly look forward to every year. Because it just keeps getting better and better with each edition. This iconic music, streetwear and art event, which has finished its 10th run, continues to enthral the youth population of the region to an extent where it has become a cultural touchstone.

As always, PUMA was one of the key players, hosting some of the most exciting performances and displays in its flagship multifunctional, multi-storey space at the arena. Hundreds of people enjoyed stunning musical performances by Dev Hynes and Masego, or watched the unveiling of Selena Gomez’s new Strong Girl collection inside this fantastic space.

It took us 7 used shipping containers and less than 3 weeks to built it – the required cafe and performance space on the ground floor and the retail arena above. We refurbished used containers and assembled them into a brand new modular structure that was just right for the design and aesthetic needs of a popular lifestyle brand and its primarily young, energetic customer base. But then, that’s the beauty of cargotecture – it allows us the freedom to create interesting spaces out of sustainable, recycled materials in the most resource-efficient way!

It was wonderful to see the response to the pictures of the festival online – the PUMA SoleDXB unit we lovingly built was certainly well used! And as designers and builders, nothing pleases us more than to see people engaging and interacting with the spaces we create.

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