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Containers by the Sea


Posted November 23, 2022

Source: SMART BOX Archieve

In Dubai, all weather is beach weather! And at SmartBox, we are proper beachheads.

We love working on beachfront properties and developments, primarily because cargotecture is so much more environmentally friendly to these surroundings than most other forms of construction. For one, being modular and largely factory-made, there is very little disturbance to the beach and the beachgoers in the name of construction. Secondly, as these container units do not require deep foundations to be dug, such construction has minimum impact on the shoreline.

Another thing that works in favour of cargotecture on the beachfront is the container itself. Meant to last long journeys across turbulent seas, they are made of of CorTen steel that can withstand sea water and terrible weather conditions. This means that the possibility of salt air corrosion in structures made of upcycled containers is almost nil.

Moreover, for communities living near the site of construction, container conversion is a boon – they get to bypass all the usual discomforts and health hazards of living near a construction site. Traditional nuisances like prolonged periods of noise pollution and exposure to dust are not an issue with cargotecture. Moreover, there is virtually zero construction debris left behind on the beach from our process.

Truly a win-win situation to all concerned.

So if you are considering building anything near the beach – whether it is a home, a restaurant or simply a bathroom, consider building it out of shipping containers. Contact us to know more!

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