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Embracing Innovation: The X36 Accommodation Series by Smart Box Industries


Posted May 09, 2024

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Smart Box Industries. Our latest venture, the X36 Accommodation Series, is a testament to our commitment to redefining off-site living.

The X36's inception stemmed from a challenge familiar to many in the industry: the limitations of traditional portacabins. We identified the need for a solution that addressed these shortcomings and elevated the standards of durability, sustainability, and comfort.

The X36 is not just another modular structure; it's a unique blend of functionality and practical luxury. Crafted with a corten steel structure derived from shipping containers, the X36 provides the familiar 3.6m width and a 12m length, resulting in a generous 43.2 sqm space for each module. The X36 stands out for its multiple handling and transportation capabilities and a projected lifespan of over 15 years, ensuring longevity and reliability for our clients.


The X36's meticulous attention to detail sets it apart, particularly evident in its high-quality interior finish. We have thoughtfully designed each unit to ensure that it provides occupants with a comfortable and inviting living space, regardless of the location or application.

Practicality is a key feature of the X36. Its stackable design eliminates the need for additional support frames, making it a space-efficient solution for various needs, from temporary accommodations to remote workforce housing and hospitality projects.

What truly sets the X36 apart is its unwavering sustainability ethos. By repurposing shipping containers, we not only minimize waste but also create a product that is recyclable, relocatable, and retains value even after its initial use—a testament to our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Join us on this journey as we pioneer a new standard of off-site living. The X36 invites you to experience the seamless integration of luxury and sustainability, setting the stage for a future where innovative solutions meet real-world challenges head-on.

Think inside the box and discover the ingenuity of the X36 Accommodation Series by Smart Box Industries. Welcome to a new era in modular construction.

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