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Green, Lean and Containerised Villas for the Future


Posted November 23, 2022

Cargotecture, as someone reminded us recently, has been around for ages.

In fact, at our Smart Box facility in Dubai, we have been upcycling used shipping containers into all kinds of live-work-play spaces for two decades now. From single-unit kiosks to multiple-level cafe and office spaces, we have done it all. And yet, the possibilities of this technology remain a constant source of amazement – even to us.

Building villas and chalets out of containers is particularly exciting! It is something we’ve been working on for many individual clients who want to combine the stylish living with green, sustainable technology. Cargotecture can bring new life to any kind of structure – whether the architecture is traditional or contemporary, functional or luxurious. You only have to take a look at these sketches to know what such a structure can look like.

Whether you want the exterior to reflect the villa’s container origins or not is entirely up to you, just as your choice of interior design is. From lean, mean avant garde structures to containerised renditions of traditional architecture, the technology is as adaptable as brick-and-mortar construction is. In fact, we think of our containers as super-sized Lego blocks that can be used to build whatever your imagination dictates.

Rectangle 266.png

Design is just one aspect of it, however. There is the safety and longevity of the structure as well to consider. Built for the specific purpose of carrying heavy loads across turbulent seas, containers are inherently strong and stable. They are fireproof, termite proof and earthquake resistant – not to mention extremely low-maintenance.

Beyond all this, container conversion is also undoubtedly one of the most eco-friendly construction options available. Cargotecture protects the earth in multiple ways – using recycled material that will literally last forever, by saving on water and other resources and avoiding deep foundations that generate tons of construction debris. As cargotecture lends itself to solar lighting and other energy generation/waste disposal options, the possibilities of adding green features to your building are endless.

Rectangle 270.png

And last but not the least – you’re saving on time, money and labour. The units are factory made, so on-site labour is just the assembly and the finishing touches. Transport and final assembly is handled by our team, and as regards the time factor…Well, suffice to say it’s one of the fastest construction options available today.

Containerised villas are catching on, and with good reason. And we at Smart Box are committed to taking it to the next level. Want to know more about containerised villas? Contact our office!

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